DiversityThe Big Issues: Diversity in Design

The Big Issues: Diversity in Design

My first international speaking engagement. Top Drawer London asked me to sit on a panel with other creative designers from London. The topic Diversity within the design industry. This panel helped me see we are all facing the same issues around the world. 


Event Description  

Leading lights of the design world discuss the importance of greater representation, the benefits of showcasing diverse perspectives and the growing need for change, from the bottom up and from the top down. 


  • Simone Brewster, Spatial designer and artist
  • Sinta Tantra, Artist
  • Tim Hykes, Designer and creator of the 28 Days of Black Designers Project
  • Harry McKinley, MC
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Timothy Hykes aka Tim Hykes is a User Experience designer and Illustrator working at World Wide Technology in Saint Louis, Missouri.

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