Rebranding Alaska Airlines

Rebranding Alaska Airlines

I worked for Alaska Airlines in St. Louis Missouri while finishing up my bachelors. There are a few things you need to know. First, headquarters are in Seattle, Washington not Alaska. All flights don’t fly to Alaska. Although its history is developed in Alaska the only visual tie to that heritage is the name “Alaska Airlines” and the Eskimo on the tail of the plane.


The Project
The project was part of my senior branding project. It’s tough to try to brand an Airline because you don’t have access to the inside of an Airport to do the required research. Also, you look very suspicious taking pictures of structures in an airport.

In my approach, I wanted to tie Alaska to the name and the land. No matter what you say when you say Alaska, you think State.

Gretchen Schisla
My Role:
Design Student
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