28 Days of Black Designers Project

This project is my attempt to increase the awareness of Black Designers. The fact is we only make up 3% of the industry and if we are not talking about what we are doing no one else can because they don’t know. Black History Month is the perfect marketing tool to use to publicize this project. It’s the only time of the year when we as a nation sit down to celebrate the accomplishments of the black community. I agree with many that this should be a longer project, but the truth is I don’t have the available time to focus more resources on finding and collaborating with my peers. I can say I’m totally looking forward to repeating this project next year with an updated site. Something where each site links to each other so you can see the history and how the project evolved. The project is expected to run all 28 days delivering a new designer each day. The site focus is on the designers and not the design. Also, I’m not planning on using a content managing system to help manage the project. Html and CSS are simpler to work with in its purest form.

Project Site: